Professional and Reliable Truck Repair Service

Forward Diesel Repair is proud to serve their customers by providing full-service diesel truck repair. WIth over 30 locations nationwide we help keep your equipment on the road and make you money. We also provide 24-hour Mobile Diesel Truck Repair for roadside assistance and fleet services within a 100-mile radius of each location. Forward Diesel Repair provides Quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Forward Diesel Repair we’ve built an excellent reputation within the Diesel Truck Community and we continue to work hard to maintain it. Through our dedication to what we do and our experience in the industry our customers know we’re a company that they can depend on. We also understand that for many of our customers, your truck is your business. That’s why, when your truck has engine problems, our mechanics provide the quality work that your vehicle needs, with minimal downtime.

Our goal is to get your unit back on the road, so you can get back to business with confidence. Learn more about us on our website Forward Diesel Repair dot truck is important to you. If it’s a commercial vehicle, it’s a part of your business. If your truck has engine problems, having downtime is just unacceptable. You can be assured we make every attempt to provide the fastest turnaround without sacrificing quality work and quality time to every detail.

More than 30 years of experience


Short arrival time between 60 to 90 minutes


Honest competitive prices – zero hidden fees


Friendly and professional service


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week